Thursday 17 June 2021

What is vExpert?? Should I apply??

Well, I am not sure if you are aware of it or not but, applications are open for vExpert 2021. Now the big question what is vExpert and should I apply for it?

Let me answer the second question first, and answer is "YES, you should".

Now I would try to answer the first question what is VMware vExpert? vExpert is a community based and community centric program which is led by Corey Romero who is a VMware employee. If you  visit vExpert web portal then you would know what is VMware's perspective of starting and running this program, however it has its own meaning for vExperts who are part of the community and leading it with examples.

Now I am going to share what it means to me, I am sure there are many other vExperts who will second to this. VMware vExpert program gives you wings and a community to help you/hold you if you fall while learning to fly. I know it sound imaginary, but its true. 

This program starts working for you the moment you decide to apply. As it has some requirements for applying so, if you decide to apply, you start working to meet them. And to your amazement, requirement is just one "Giving back to community". There are multiple ways you can do that, and you don't have to be an expert on one technology, sharing what you are learning also adds to your application.

It asks if you have done any public speaking, wrote any blog or content, how you enabled others around you with knowledge. When you start giving back with these modes, it helps you building self confidence and you have already taken first step towards making yourself valuable to society.

I started working for the program an year in advance before applying to complete the requirements (Giving back). But was not sure how it would help me, but it did. It gave a big community to rely on.

When I face any challenge with any technology, I simply reach out to our community and someone from some corner of the world comes forward and helps (Its a two way street).

I have been accepted in the program four years ago, and ever since I am doing my part and community is doing its part by awarding vExpert status year on year. 

Not only that I recently started writing in the form of blogs and community gave me overwhelming response because of which I will be featured as a guest speaker in CMTY podcast #561

It helps you in coming out of your shell and lets you shine.

Hence my advice would be applications are open, and if you want to be a part of community which is as helpful as you are then visit https://vexpert.vmware.com/ and submit your application.

If you need help with your application you can reach out to me or any of the vExpertpro in your own region.

One more thing VMworld is around the corner, registration is open and free, please register.

I hope I was able to add value, if your answer is yes, then don't forget to share and subscribe. 😊

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