Monday 21 November 2022

Upgrading NSX-T to version 3.2 getting error?

Recently I was helping one of the customer with the upgrade of NSX-T to version 3.2. Everything was going well until it wasn't.

Well when we reached to the point of upgrading NSX Manager we encountered an error which didnt make much sense as we upgraded edges and hosts using the the same image.

Error was " Download and verify bundle failed with msg: Failed to verify bundle: ['tar','f', '/var/vmware/nsx/file-store/VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-','--list'] returened 2: b'tar: This does not look like a tar archive\ntar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors\n' More..."

We searched internet but did not find any reference which could guide us as in what to do. But as the error was showing some issue is with the image we had on the orchestrator node. I decided to move the orchestrator role to another NSX-T manager in the cluster.

But before doing that I made sure all NSX-T managers are in sync and showing no other error.

I used Command "set repository-ip xx.xx.xx.xx" to move the role to second node. After that I uploaded the bundle again to the node, it ran the pre-checks and as all other components were already upgraded, gave the option to upgrade the NSX-T managers.

Once I started upgrade it completed with no further issues.

If you face same issue its worth giving a shot. But consulting with GSS is always the best option.

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