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Home Lab Step-by-Step Part-8-vCenter

In my previous post Home Lab Step-by-Step Part-7-Shared storage, we have configured shared storage, DNS entries and NTP setup. Now we are ready to deploy vCenter.

Lets start by downloading the vCenter ISO from VMware Customer connect portal.

Once you have downloaded the ISO, we can start deployment process.

Locate the downloaded ISO and mount it on the base machine ( I am using addc server for this task).

Navigate to G:\vcsa-ui-installer\win32 (G: can be different depending on what drive letter is assigned on your computer to the ISO drive), double click on the Installer file.

You will be presented with the vCenter server 7 installer screen. select first option 'Install"

Now external PSC deployment has been deprecated, move with the embedded vCenter deployment.

Accept the end user license agreement, move next.

Provide details for the host on which we are deploying our vCenter.

Accept the presented certificate.

Provide vCenter name and root password.

Select the deployment size, we are going to install Tiny, as we are not going to manage anything more than 10.

Select the datastore for deployment, and select enable thin disk mode.

Complete network configuration of the vCenter server, and move to final screen.

Validate the settings and finish the deployment, it will take some time to finish the phase 1 of the deployment.

Wait for phase one to finish.

Once deployment is finish we will get the confirmation, and we will move to stage 2.

In stage 2 we will create SSO domain, so let's start.

Set the NTP setting and enable the SSH access.

Here we will set our SSO domain and SSO administrator password.

If you want you can Join the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Lets review the settings and finish the wizard.

Click OK to start the installation.

Let stage 2 get complete, and we will be ready with our vCenter.

With the confirmation below our vCenter deployment is complete. Now we will login to vCenter to verify.
Launch the web client.
Use SSO credentials to login.

Congratulations, now you have successfully deployed a vCenter server.

In my next post Home Lab Step-by-Step Part-9-HA-DRS we will add the deployed hosts to vCenter inventory and we will configure the vCenter server with HA and DRS.

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  2. fyi - for anyone trying to DL the 7.5gig vcsa ISO thorough the CSR1000v - it will take hours due to the basic CSR license only allowing a 2.5Mbit/s limit. As a temp workaround, you can add another network to ADDC and place it in the 192.168.x.x network. This way you can bypass the CSR for this download

    1. Thats a really nice suggestion, Thank you :)


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