Friday 8 March 2024

An error occurred while connecting to depot.

Not long before I was working with one customer and their team reported that they are unable to update ESXi hosts to the latest image using lifecycle manager.

Being curious in nature I enquired as in what is the error they are getting?

They shared the error message " An error occurred while connecting to depot".

I suggested to check the connectivity to the VMware update sources from vCenter, check if there is any proxy configured, as in our usual suspects. But that didn't resolve the issue.

In this post I will explain what I did to help them fix their issue.


    An error occurred while connecting to depot.


    In this case solution which worked was to verify the DNS server configured on the ESXi hosts. Once we updated a working DNS server issue got fixed.

    Configuration when issue was presented.

    Updated configuration which fixed issue.

    After updating working DNS ran compliance check and got below mentioned response.

    Note: I replicated this whole scenario in my lab.

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