Monday 19 June 2023

NSX-T backup is failing with error code:99

Backing up your VMware NSX-T Data Center (NSX-T) is an absolute must for any business that relies on a network virtualization platform. Focusing on this will help you ensure availability, recoverability and integrity of your system. 

Establishing a backup strategy that fits your business' needs is critical. This includes the frequency of backups, how long they are retained for & amp; ensuring that all storage practices follow necessary security regulations. To assure the effectiveness of your NSX-T backups, it is highly recommended to regularly check the restoration procedures. This will guaranteed the trustworthiness and dependability of your backup files.

Thursday 8 June 2023

Step-by-Step-NSX-T 3.1 upgrade

In my previous post Step-by-Step-NSX-T 3.1 design and Install-P5 we have have completed deployment of NSX-T with BGP routing.

Once NSX-T becomes operational, upgrading the product and keeping it at the latest is something we all have to do.

Hence in this post we will be covering NSX-T upgrade procedure.

First thing is to download the binaries for the upgrade from VMware customer connect portal.

We are currently running version 3.1 and we will be upgrading it to version 3.2. So lets start.

Monday 5 June 2023

Step-by-Step-NSX-T 3.1 design and Install-P5

In my previous post Step-by-Step-NSX-T 3.1 design and Install-P4 we have have covered deployment Tier-0 Gateway and configuration of BGP for route re-distribution.

Now we have established north south connectivity. Its time we make provision for east west communication.

Based on design decisions and customer requirements you can connect overlay segments to Tier-0 Gateway or Tier-1 gateway. Both will work and machines connected to segments will be able to communicate.

But to keep up with the ever changing needs of technology and customers, its a good choice to go with Tier-1 gateway for your east-west communication. Not just that it has many other use cases.

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