Sunday 24 April 2022

Step-by-step VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 design and install Add Host

In my previous post Step-by-step VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 design and install vRNI we have completed deployment of vRealize network insight using vRealize lifecycle manager in a VMware cloud foundation environment.

Which was the last product we deployed to make it a complete software defined datacenter (Software Defined Compute, Software Defined Storage and Software Defined Network).

Next thing in the agenda should be scalability of the VMware cloud foundation environment. When I say scalable it covers both vertical and horizontal growth of DC.

In this post I am going to cover expansion of VMware cloud foundation cluster by adding additional host in the inventory and then add it to the required cluster.

    Why should I add new host?

    Scalability is a requirement of any SDDC hence adding new resources may be required from time to time. We all must have done this exercise. In VMware cloud foundation environment we do not add host directly to vCenter and then to cluster, we use SDDC manager.

    Process of adding host is a little different than what we use to follow traditionally, lets explore how we do it with VCF.

    Watch host addition video

    How to Add new host to VCF inventory?

    1)    Login to SDDC manager.

    2)    Navigate to inventory and choose option Hosts.

    3)    Click on commission hosts button.

    4)    Verify that all the checklist criteria's are met, then proceed.

    5)    If you wish to add hosts one by one choose add new option, if you wish to add multiple hosts using template choose import option for importing .json file.

    6)    Populate the required information and add host.

    7)    Click on confirm fingerprint and choose validate all.

    8)    Once validation is complotted successfully, move next.

    9)    Review details and click on commission.

    10)    Wait for commissioning task to finish.

    How to Add new host to a cluster?

    1)    Login to SDDC manager.

    2)    Navigate to hosts tab and confirm you have unassigned host.

    3)    Navigate to workload domains and choose the WLD hosting the cluster which needs host addition.

    4)    Now click on clusters tab and click three dots ellipsis icon against the cluster we need to expand and choose add host.

    5)    Choose unassigned host and network type, next screen you need to select the license.

    6)    Select License.

    7)    Review the details and finish the expansion task.

    8)    Wait for all the tasks to conplete.

    9)    Once all tasks are complete, you will see a new host in your VCF datacenter cluster.

    This concludes our cluster expansion in VCF environment. 

    In my next post I will cover decommissioning of a host from VCF environment.

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