Tuesday 21 September 2021

Step-by-Step server 2022 installation on VMware platform

Here I came again with a new post, this time its not a VMware product but recently announced Microsoft Windows server 2022, on 1st June 2021 it was announced that it is available in evaluation center. It was in preview since march 2021, in addition to multi-layer security and hybrid capabilities with azure, it features flexible platform to modernize applications with containers.

We are going to install Server 2022, On VMware platform with ESXi Version 7.

Server Installation 

To start with we have created a VM and booted it with server 2022 ISO, and now we are presented with setup screen.

Once we press Next, it directly gives the option to start installation, but that is not it, we have to start the installation wizard by clicking on Install now.

Here we need to choose the version which we are going to install, as we are doing it for evaluation purpose I am choosing Datacenter edition, however in real world we always choose the version on the basis of usage. 

Accept the EULA (If you want you can read the EULA to understand terms and conditions listed in it.), and move forward with the wizard.

As its a fresh installation, select custom install option.

Select installation drive, and move next.

This will start the installation, wait for it to complete. Well it will take at least 15 to 20 minutes I am going to grab a cup of coffee meanwhile. 😊

Exactly 20 minutes, I am back and server is installed and ready for us to key in Administrator password, lets set the password and login to the server.

After login, we have the first look of Server below.

This answers the question how to install Windows server 2022 on VMware platform. Depending on your use case you can further install roles and features.

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