Monday 2 May 2022

Step-by-step VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 design and install decommision Host

In my previous post Step-by-step VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 design and install Add Host we have added new host to our VMware cloud foundation inventory and then expanded an existing cluster.

Which helped us dealing with the scalability requirement of any SDDC, now its time we move forward with the next requirement of a DC which is removing a host out of cluster or decommissioning a host from the environment.

After we have learned how to remove a host from VMware cloud foundation environment we will move forward with upgrade of the same environment.

In this post I am going to cover removal of a host from existing cluster and decommissioning of the host from a VMware cloud foundation environment.

    Why should I decommission host?

    Well in real world there can be multiple triggers which will result in this requirement "Decommission the host" .

    Here are few examples.
    1)    Hardware becomes end of life or end of support.
    2)    Hardware issue which needs replacement.
    3)    Low usage of resources.
    4)    Repurpose hardware for a different project

    These are just few examples which may result in decommissioning a host from VMware cloud foundation environment.

    The next question is how to do it?

    Watch host Decommission video

    How to Remove host from VMware Cloud Foundation cluster?

    1)    Login to SDDC manager.

    2)    Navigate to workload domain and choose the domain where we have the cluster which needs to be downsized.

    3)    Now move to the clusters tab and select the cluster.

    4)    Move to hosts tab.

    5)    Now choose the host which needs to be decommissioned and press "Remove selected hosts" button.

    6)    Confirm the removal and sddc manager will start removing host from cluster.

    7)    Monitor the progress.

    How to decommission host from VCF inventory?

    1)    Navigate to hosts tab and verify the status of the host needs removal. It shouldn't be assigned to any cluster. Host removed from the cluster will be in needs clean up state, hence if you wish to re-purpose this host, please perform clean up.

    2)    Navigate to unassigned hosts tab and choose the host which needs to be decommissioned.

    3)    Wait for Decommission selected host button to highlight and press it.

    4)    Confirm the host decommission request.

    5)    Monitor the progress in the tasks pane.

    This concludes decommission of an esxi host from VCF environment. 

    In my next post I will cover upgrade of VCF environment.

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